Fire Detection for Thermal Cameras

Vumii’s Sii and Accuracii thermal cameras with embedded fire detection solutions can detect a fire up to 4 miles, (6 km.) away and are versatile, reliable and effective fire detection systems which enhance the safety and security of infrastructure, equipment and personnel.   Popular applications of this fire detection solution include private property, recycling plants, waste management depots, critical infrastructure and more.

How Vumii thermal cameras help fire detection

Fire Detection
Detects fires even without smoke present at up to 6km away, day or night.

Risk of Fire Detection (Hot Spot)
Detect a Potential fire before it occurs or monitor equipment for thermal failure.

Multiple Alarm Types
Visual, Serial, Communication, and contact closures signal an alarm state.

Can be used for fire detection/prevention, security, and equipment monitoring; all at the same time.

Analog or IP
Full functionality available when using either analog or IP camera systems.

Rugged Design
Vumii cameras are designed to survive in extreme environments including hazardous industrial areas.

The cameras are developed for simple integration into third-party systems, as part of a wider fire detection and protection system.