Oil and gas refineries

Oil and gas refineries are constantly at risk from criminal or terrorist attacks, requiring security solutions to quickly identify threats before the perimeter is breached and any damage is caused. Thermal imaging systems are especially effective in identifying potential intruders and enabling threat assessment in complete darkness or bad weather including light fog, haze, dust or smoke.
Vumii’s camera systems in oil and gas refineries detect and assess, near and from afar, threats using both color day video channel and day/night, network-enabled IP thermal cameras enables viewing or recording of both channels simultaneously. The result is comprehensive 24/7 surveillance and detection of motor over-heating or fire detection.

How Vumii thermal cameras help Oil and gas refineries?

  • 24/7 Day & Night Surveillance and Detection Capabilities
  • All Weather Detection Capabilities
  • Low Rate of False Alarms
  • Seamless Integration to radar and VMS Systems