Ports and Transportation

Seaports are constantly faced with wide-ranging security challenges by land and from sea.  The threats range from theft and vandalism, to more serious threats which endanger property and lives such as terrorist attacks on key infrastructure as well as air and sea craft. As such, authorities employ a variety of security measures to ensure all areas — from high traffic zones to more remote locations — are effectively monitored. Thermal imaging cameras fill the gap for systems which operate irrespective of prevailing weather conditions, providing accurate visuals in bad weather as well as in total darkness. As such, thermal imaging cameras also increasingly replace CCTV cameras used alongside railroads and major freeways.

How Vumii thermal cameras help ports and transportation?

  • 24/7 Day & Night Surveillance and Detection Capabilities
  • All Weather Detection Capabilities
  • Low Rate of False Alarms
  • Seamless Integration to radar and VMS Systems