Private Property Protection

Residential developments and private homes represent an attractive target to thieves. Conventional security measures are insufficient in providing ’round the clock, effective site coverage, especially on riverfront properties or areas with dense vegetation. Thermal security cameras provide day and night intruder detection, effectively protecting long perimeters of several kilometers — providing instant visual verification of the cause and position of any breach. In addition, thermal cameras produce fewer false alarms than standard CCTV security cameras. Offering an environmentally friendly solution with low power consumption and wide area coverage, Vumii’s advanced thermal imaging cameras coupled with video analytics enable timely detection, recognition and response to suspicious perimeter events.

How Vumii thermal cameras help government and HLS?

  • 24/7 Day & Night Surveillance and Detection Capabilities
  • All Weather Detection Capabilities
  • Low Rate of False Alarms
  • Seamless Integration to radar and VMS Systems